The Cycle of Becoming

I have recently been discussing with the spirits the purpose of engaging shamanic work. They have told me about “the cycle of becoming.” This is a pattern that initiatory shamanic work follows. There are three phases to the cycle of becoming: Healing. The first step of becoming is to let go of past hurts and move forward. To let go of past hurts, they must first be healed. Shamanic healing brings many methods to removing lingering pain and supporting our more empowered selves. Transformation. Transformation is a step of releasing what no longer serves us and calling what we need next in our lives. We move forward on an enlivened trajectory toward an intentional future. We create intentional

The Rune Master

The Rune Master lives down by the end of the lake where he has a hutta (cabin) separate from the village. I visit there often, up on the high plateau in the snow. The Rune Master has showed me the stories in his leather-bound book of Runes; animated and full of wisdom and power. He even had me connect with his power animal, and experience Nordic shapeshifting. This connection with the Rune master started when I was just learning Shamanism 25 years ago. This longstanding spirit connection came through a special shamanic initiation. While I had worked before with the Runes, the initial approach was book oriented. Now working with my ancestral Rune Master, I had a direct connection to the deepe

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