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Did You Know that Celtic New Year Begins Now?

The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. Samhain (sow-en) is the beginning of the dark half of the Celtic Year. It happens sometime about now. Celtic celebration dates are not precise in my mind. Originally a three night and day celebration, Samhain marks the end of harvest and beginning of the year, because all growth begins in darkness and this "End of Summer" time is the beginning of the Celtic dark half of the year.

It is a time to gestate and let new forms come up from the consciousness. Also a time to retreat from the limitations of logic and let something completely new begin to take form in the Otherworld.

Scel lemm duib:

dordaid dam,

snigid gaim,

ro-faith sam.

I have News for you

the stag bells, (sad stag roars)

winter snows,

summer is ended.

At least three things become important in the first half of November: connecting with the ancestors, opening to the otherworld, and divination for the new year to come.

You can connect with the ancestors in a shamanic journey. Go with the intention of finding a helpful ancestor with relevance to your life right now. When I did this journey yesterday, I found two new ancestors I had not previously connected with.

Samhain is known as the time of the year when the faery folk move from their summer to winter home. You can find them on the hidden paths. You can form a mutual relationship to bring about a better world, both in the otherworld and in this one. Either spirits of the land or your faery ancestors may answer the call. (Meet the faery folk in a workshop)

During the nights of early fall, it is a good time to ask the spirits for clarity about the coming year. Whether you use Runes, Tarot, or other means, the veils are thin, so true meaning can come through.

So take some time to journey or meditate. Reach out to the ancestors and faery. Let them bring you wisdom and truth. May your fall be blessed.

Blessings, Reid

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