Community Shamanism

Shamanic Journey & Healing Circles

For 26 years, Hearth of the Dancing Drum has offered local Shamanic Journey Circles (First Tuesday Eve.) and Healing Circles (Third Tuesday Eve.) in Eugene Oregon. These circles are now held online and open to our international community.

Balancing Light & Dark

A Community Shamanic Practice--The Wild Hunt


The dark days will soon be on us and action is required.  Please join us to create balance.  And bring something sweet to share with the spirits and your shamanic community.


(TBA) November 2020, 5:45 pm

Possibly Online at BirchGrove Hearth (Reid & Alida)

Leader – Reid Hart: 541-686-1610

Have three fist-sized rocks or stones to create a cairn.  Have available a candle & your drums and rattles.  


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