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The Rune Master

The Rune Master lives down by the end of the lake where he has a hutta (cabin) separate from the village. I visit there often, up on the high plateau in the snow. The Rune Master has showed me the stories in his leather-bound book of Runes; animated and full of wisdom and power. He even had me connect with his power animal, and experience Nordic shapeshifting. This connection with the Rune master started when I was just learning Shamanism 25 years ago. This longstanding spirit connection came through a special shamanic initiation. While I had worked before with the Runes, the initial approach was book oriented. Now working with my ancestral Rune Master, I had a direct connection to the deeper meaning and use of Rune power.

Through the years, I learned more about the Runes, and especially how to expand the direct spirit revelation of the Rune meanings and uses for specific situations. I found that the Runes became my go-to method of getting answers ranging from trivial questions like what lawn mower to buy (I do mow about 3 acres now) to which stock to buy (or sell); and for bigger life questions ranging from job choices, healing pain and loss, navigating changes in relationships, or the next phase of development on my spiritual path—the Runes now speak directly to me through the ancestral Rune Master.

What I find important is to have a direct spirit revelation path to the truth of the Runes. I developed initiations for students on how to make that authentic connection to the spirits as a source of truth. Three different methods create that connection—not everyone responds to the same approach—and all three are incorporated in the Rune Power teachings.

So, what are the Runes?

More than just a symbolic or phonetic alphabet, the Runes are a deeply magical set of living powers that are called forth from the earth. They were transported from the Etruscans north through the lands of Celtic tribes to become the Germanic Elder Futhark that evolved into both the Nordic and Old English Rune sets. I use them in a shamanic way for both divination and manifestation. As I became more deeply connected to the Rune powers, I found the Rune Master appearing during healing sessions, helping me lay the Runic healing power through both symbol and sound onto the spirit body of the client. All these uses of Rune power are available to you.

Rune work also includes Seith (sei∂r, proununced sayth), a means of working on the high seat for direct revelation from the spirits. This work is also a profound way to connect to spirit. So, whether your ancestors are Celtic or Nordic, or you just have a calling to connect to the power of the Runes, spending some time to create this authentic spiritual connection will be meaningful for you.

In Peace & Spirit,


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