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The Cycle of Becoming

I have recently been discussing with the spirits the purpose of engaging shamanic work. They have told me about “the cycle of becoming.” This is a pattern that initiatory shamanic work follows. There are three phases to the cycle of becoming:

  • Healing. The first step of becoming is to let go of past hurts and move forward. To let go of past hurts, they must first be healed. Shamanic healing brings many methods to removing lingering pain and supporting our more empowered selves.

  • Transformation. Transformation is a step of releasing what no longer serves us and calling what we need next in our lives. We move forward on an enlivened trajectory toward an intentional future. We create intentional manifestation. Spirit helpers and ancient magic traditions can be called on in a shamanic way to aid in the transformational process.

  • Initiation. Once we have attained some level of healing and transformation we are ready for spirit initiations into a deeper understanding and connection to the true nature of the universe. Rather than adopting a belief system imposed from outside, we do inner work to connect to direct revelation of spiritual truth for ourselves. Connecting with spiritual truth often leads to service in our community and our world.

As I understand this process in my own life and those around me, it is not entirely linear, one step achieved before going on to the next, but it is a cycle, working incrementally layer by layer. We heal what is in front of us, then move to a next incremental level of transformation and receive initiation into the next spiritual space that is appropriate for us.

This process is inherent in the series of workshops called from the forest to the stars; the path of shamanic mystery. We always work with different aspects of healing, have a focus on transformation—using both new and ancient shamanic methods—and are open to shamanic initiation by the spirits. In the Forest Spiral, we heal ancestral lines and personal power cauldrons, transform through our connection to the powers of the land, and enter initiation through the guardian, weaver, and grove dragons. In the Star Spiral we connect with Tarot Spirits, heal the high-energy relationships in our natal astrological chart, transform our relationship to our shadow selves, and are initiated into the mystery of the tree of life and planetary powers.

In my observation, each individual moves through these processes working with whatever is the next step for them in their spiritual growth or evolution. The spirits know what comes next and what is appropriate. There is not some overarching manifesto about what you need to do to move forward. It is about your unique path, and your desire to move toward your own personal destiny.

In Spirit and Peace,

-Reid Hart

May 2018; Eugene Oregon

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