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Look to the Truth, Not to Hate

A few weeks back, I asked my helping Spirits what I could do about the high level of conflict in discourse in the United States. Several journeys later, my assignment was to do some research and share some thoughts with you all. While I don’t often engage in things political, there are some important messages from my helping Spirits that I’d like you to consider.

To say we “live in interesting times” is an understatement.

  • We all face a constrained lifestyle as we try to respond to Covid-19.

  • The U.S. election heats up with its accompanying buckets of fake news.

  • An obvious sham re-election of a dictator in Belarus has garnered large protests.

  • U.S. concerns over racism have resulted in weeks of protest.

  • The clear risk reduction provided by the small inconvenience of wearing masks in a pandemic has become a political trope representing the overreach of government.

  • An advocate of the racist QAnon conspiracy theories has passed the primary elections and will likely become elected to the House of Representatives.

My journeys were very slow. It took three or four journeys to Justice on the ethical level of the Tree of Life before I could begin to get any clear direction. Sometimes it is important to just hang out in the other world, waiting for an answer, continuing to assert your question. The lack of an immediate direct answer makes the final conclusion more profound. Then I was referred to the Wheel and Magician related to the orb of Mercury for actual action to take.

So, I followed spiritual direction and did some research. Frankly, I had been just ignoring the conspiracy theories as they seemed so far-fetched. I was surprised to find how widespread the conspiracy movement is, and even worse, that many among us may be unwittingly—at some level—buying into the Qanon conspiracy theories of the far-right as a result of clever manipulation. I found on the internet that “Quan Yin” is just another representative of QAnon, if you believe everything you read online.

Even if we aren’t buying in, we can see that words like “awakening,” “ascension,” and even “sacred garden trees” are being co-opted by Q, with the occupant of the White House being portrayed as a messiah! "The strongest bridge we found between QAnon and non-QAnon communities was spirituality and religion," McAweeney said. "This content isn't inherently problematic, but people are often most vulnerable when seeking spiritual information online and more susceptible to alternative and extreme views." Erin McAweeney is a senior research analyst at Graphika, a New York-based social media analysis company.

While we may be suspicious of the mainstream media, in today’s world of unchecked social media and an internet that gives every unproven idea a voice, it is important to deal in facts.

The spirits specifically said we all need to be on guard, else we are duped into following ideas and cults that are abhorrent to our community of humanity and the true needs of Gaia. If you hear of a friend falling for the propaganda about the “deep state” it is time to reach out and have a conversation. The propaganda is clever, with ancient esoteric references; but any path supporting hate and suppression of justice is not a true path to ascension.

Yes, we are different from much of the mainstream, but we do not want to buy into some hate-spewing movement, even if it appears to have all the beloved trappings of a global consciousness we have been striving for. Some thought provoking articles you might want to check out include:

Shamanism has always been a practical approach to spirituality. While “raising our vibrational level” to a more spiritual plane is a noble goal—and something we can make progress with in true and diligent spiritual practice—we also need to take care of our community. We always need to be careful that ascension does not become a path to escape from the responsibilities of helping to make our planet a just , verdant, and and loving place. If we want to understand the excesses that a spiritual bypass can lead to, the 1991 movie The Rapture shows clearly, if painfully, where an extreme view can lead.

Much shamanic work focuses on practical solutions; and effective shamanism is conducted with the knowledge that we need to interpret spiritual guidance in the context of the truth and reality of our day-to-day physical world. In Shamanism, we work to balance the spirit path and the worldly path, with truth and compassion. Spiritual progress and connection are important; however, they need to be balanced with an acknowledgement of the justice and cooperation needed on the earth plane to make our planet a better place, both for nature and for people, in balance with each other.

The message from the Spirits is that we need to gather facts from a number of sources, weigh their credibility, and reach personal conclusions about how to apply our own actions compassionately to the future of this reality. If we truly seek a higher vibration, our aim is to support social justice and inclusion, not hate and divisiveness. It is a personal choice:

  1. You can join the “THE EVENT/THE SHIFT INTO 5D[WARNING! Listen to this video with high caution and skepticism, it tugs on many familiar themes (synchronicity, mind/body, numerology, spiritual correlation, new higher frequency, macrocosm, divine order, vibrant health, the veil is thinning, divine eternal soul), yet it can lead you down a path you probably do not want to go!]

  2. OR you can work to bring compassion and healing into a world that desperately needs it.

And after you check out the web site behind the video that has all your favorite words and you realize that maybe Princess Di is not still alive and Bill Gates has not been replaced with a robot or clone, just take a break. Go out into nature. Breathe. Breathe. Watch the sun. Watch the birds. Breathe. And as you click about the web, just realize that propaganda is alive and well and with us folks. Sucking us into something that seems familiar, but lives as a lie in the guise of spiritual truth.

So, I encourage you to seek out the truth behind the posts. Look to the actions and goals of those promoting fringe ideas. And at the end of the day, know that your voice in our community structures is important, so talk to friends. And vote! Take that ballot to a drop box if possible (or mail early), as the post office seems to be under attack.

In Peace, Reid

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