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It’s the small things – Help from the Spirits on the Tree of Life

What are the benefits of developing a spiritual relationship with the Planetary Powers?

While it is a line of spirit work that requires extra time and attention, the Planetary Powers are fascinating and fun to work with. Beyond that, the Planetary Powers exist in a time-honored framework that encourages balance and completeness. I personally experienced spiritual evolution. On reflection, the multiple Planetary Spirits cover the full range of life needs. So there are practical life impacts in small ways that add up.

I was struck by synchronicities occurring two days last week. They show how helpful the connection with the Planetary Powers can be. The first was when I was looking down at the vineyard where I had just installed a plastic owl on top of a pole to scare away those darn grape-eating birds. I was surprised to see that the pole had fallen, and received a clear message whispered in my head to attend to it right away. When I went down to fix it, I happened to arrive when zone 3 of the grape irrigation was on. There was a blown open drip line gushing lots of water. Easily repaired, the drip got back to normal. This was critical for two reasons: (1) Our well would have run dry and (2) with the leak, the zone does not get watered.

So, the owl pole falling when it did and the voice telling me to “fix it now!”, was quite auspicious, as I normally was unlikely to have been down in the vineyard while that zone was watering.

The next day had more content, omens and portents. On the way to board the 5:30 am train to Portland, just pulling out of the driveway, I was blessed to see two foxes who roam our neighborhood. Then, the parking meter at the train station was out of order, granting me free parking. Near Oregon City, we stopped for 40 minutes while a bridge got inspected after a fire. Here the train missed being caught in a difficult situation and was able to continue safely on. Now, a bit late, I went to take the MAX trolley rather than walk 12 blocks to the office, only to watch the trolley doors close as my ticket came out of the vending machine. While walking, spirit voices pointed me to the many buses heading my way, and I realized the ticket was good for the buses as well, so I arrived in time for my first meeting.

On the way home, things got more dramatic, as the train came to a stop just before the Salem station. With only a vague announcement that there had been a “train incident,” flashing lights outside and rumors moving through the cars indicated that our train had unfortunately hit a cyclist. Still lacking clear information, a group of us realized this would be a long investigative wait. So, we walked to the station to catch the bus home. While pulling away from Salem, I closed my eyes reflecting on being on the train that took someone’s life and encountered the lost and confused soul. In a middle world conversation, a request from that soul became clear, and I helped him by opening a portal to the light.

Now back in Eugene earlier than the delayed train, I drove home. As I got near, the spirits strongly reminded me that the deer are in rut and to slow down. No problem until I turned onto the home road and a cow elk jumped out right in front of me. Since I was going much slower than usual I was able to stop just in time. Now a cow elk is nothing to tangle with, being about 4 to 6 times the size and weight of a deer. I am glad she and I were both able to go on our independent ways. And then I arrived happily at home to my lovely wife, Alida.

So, what does that have to do with the tree of life and the Planetary Powers? The messages and synchronicities came to me because I created a connection to an organized group of wonderful spirits. Once established, the connection is permanent and warnings come when needed.

Working with the tree of life and Planetary Powers is also known as Qabalah. It is one cornerstone of the Western Mystery tradition. It should not be confused with Kabbalah with a “K” that is an esoteric branch of the Hebrew religion. While related, the methods and philosophy of Qabalah are quite different, especially when using Shamanic methods.

The Qabalah approach is experiential rather than based on belief. This ancient structure is sourced from the Western Mysteries. The connection to a specific group of Spirits is more balanced and impactful than working with individual helping Spirits. In the Planetary Powers workshop, we work with these special Spirits in their Celtic and Greek forms, although the methods can be adapted to working with any cultural pantheon of Spirits.

I am glad I was attracted to the Qabalah and made the connection with the Planetary Spirits in the shamanic way of direct revelation.

When life events throw me out of balance, the combined influence of the Spirits on the Tree of Life restores my balance and joy.

May your fall be bountiful and full of blessings.

In Spirit, Reid

Eugene, Oregon

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