Shamanic Training

Learn shamanic methods yourself for healing and spiritual development.

The Path of Shamanic Mystery:

from the Forest to the Stars . . .

With these eight experiential workshops, walk a personal spiritual path from 40,000 year-old shamanic practice through Celtic, Nordic, Faery and Druidic ways to the modern Western Mysteries.  We all long for a deeper connection to our ancestors, spirits of place and the cosmos. Receive powerful gateway initiations into mysteries of the earth, otherworld, and the stars.

     The workshops are offered in two groups, the Forest Spiral and the Star SpiralEach workshop can be taken independently.


2021 Eugene Workshop Schedule

In-person workshops postponed


2021 Online Workshop Schedule

Feb 22 - Free Masterclass: Meet the Tarot Spirits

March 8 - April 19 - Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars

May - June - Tarot Spirits:  Stars & Shadow

Reid Hart is your workshop leader. Reid is a co-founder of Hearth of the Dancing Drum—a community drumming and healing circle.  He has presented workshops on shamanism, otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries for more than 20 years.

In this time of social distancing, the in-person workshops are postponed. Check out our online options

If you are interested in a workshop and the proposed dates or location do not work for you, please contact me to see if adjustments can be made. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop in a location other than Eugene, OR, please let me know.

Meet the Tarot Spirits

FREE Global Masterclass

Watch the Replay Now!

Here are three core concepts I'll be covering in the masterclass:

  • Relaxing the Soul--Move beyond limitations

  • Engage the Tarot Spirits--Direct access to the power of Tarot

  • Seven Steps to Healing--Making this power part of your life

When you connect with the Tarot Spirits in a shamanic way you create a strong connection with helping spirits. This  opens the door to clear limitations in your life. 

 Also learn about the 7-week class: Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars

The Forest Spiral

These four workshops focus on fundamental truths from the shamanic perspective. We work with the earth in the role of Forest Shaman with a Celtic and Nordic orientation. Important elements of shamanic practice are included, such as ancestor work, power places, the Faery connection, Rune power, elemental powers, Druidry, and natural magical methods.


The Ancestors and Power Places. (TBA)

Connect with the Guardians and powers of nature and your own birth destiny. Become truly native in your place.  Raise earth power to energize body and soul. Honor your ancestors and clear ancestral blood lines.

The Faery and Weavers of Fate (TBA)

Connect with the faery of the otherworld. Meet the weaver who initiates you into the mystery of the warp and weft of fate.  Work at the crossroads with Life, Luck, Love, and Destiny. 

Rune Power & Seith


Visit the well of memory and encounter the spirit of the Runes in a sacred grove. Climb the high-seat and engage Seith (sei∂r  or truth telling). Harness the power of rune magic for divination and transformation.

Merlin’s Temple and the Sacred Grove


Work with Druidic and Celtic traditions to receive wisdom and growth.  Initiate into the Archmage’s Temple. Engage power and vitality through the Celtic cauldron tradition and shape shifting. Achieve personal transformation in the Druid’s Grove.

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The Star Spiral

These four workshops explore important aspects of the Western Mystery tradition. The approach is one of the Star Shaman, using shamanic methods to encounter the mysteries more deeply. The Western Mystery tradition is a path to spiritual growth based in approaches suitable to the Western mind, including divination, higher magical correspondences, talismans, and creation of desired life outcomes. A Celtic approach is part of the work.
The workshops cover essential elements of the Western Mysteries, including Tarot, Astrology, Magic, and Qabalah.


Planetary Powers and

the Tree of Life

(Similar Online Oct-Dec 2020)

Use shamanic methods to call the cosmic power of the planets and universe. Climb the Tree of Life for spiritual healing and personal discovery at the heart of the Western Mysteries.  Empower talismans for healing, protection, and prosperity. Connect with your subtle energetic bodies to enhance your life.

Calling Your Destiny:

The Lightning Path

(Similar Online Oct-Dec 2020)

Call on true creative power and learn how to attune with the Tree of Life and Hermetic truth. Develop personal triad temples at the earth, astral, ethereal, and divine levels to work personal transformations at the heart of the world tree. Commune with the four worlds and their connection to the four elements.

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Tarot Spirits: Healing & Advice 

(Similar Online March 8 - April 29)

Create a valuable relationship with the Tarot Spirits as trusted advisers and powerful helpers. Receive healing, gifts and wisdom from the 22 Spirits of the Tarot Major Arcana.

Apply Tarot intention to transform your life.

What past students are saying about the workshop:

"The combination of shamanic work with Tarot Spirits was very powerful and opened a doorway to reinvigorate my Tarot practice. The workshop helped me feel a deeper connection to Tarot spiritual guidance." 

            -   Aruna Beth Miriam Rose, MA  Rose Lotus Healing Arts

Tarot  Spirits: Star & Shadow Healing

(Similar Online May - June 2021)

Work with your natal astrology and the Tarot Spirits to balance your life path. Learn deep techniques to resolve life issues and conflicts. Work to balance your shadow self in a powerful way.



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