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New Book: Tarot Spirit Healing

Birch Grove Hearth is pleased to announce a new book by Reid Hart:

Tarot Spirit Healing: A Shamanic Path to Clear Astrological Challenges.

The release is scheduled for late June, 2024.

Request a free story that introduces the book, and we will keep you informed about its release.

Unveiling the Tarot Spirits: The Journey of Two Women

This intriguiging story introduces the process of working with the Tarot Spirits detailed in the new book.

Join Isabel and Rachel as they discuss their experiences at the intersection of shamanism, tarot, and astrology. This story in six conversations serves as an introduction to Tarot Spirit Healing.

Get a free pdf download of  this entertaining story. 

We will also keep you informed about where to get Tarot Spirit Healing!


Image Credit: DruidCraft Tarot © 2004 by Will Worthington 


Cover art adapted, with permission, from an image copyright © 2013 by Deborah Koff-Chapin (

Tarot Spirit Healing

A Shamanic Path to Clear Astrological Challenges

by Reid Hart

Hidden in your astrological chart are tensions and conflicts that impact your life path. In Tarot Spirit Healing, you will learn a shamanic method to access Tarot Spirits in the Otherworld so you can receive compassionate healing and advice. Then, with the support of a loving guide, the Tarot Spirits are called on to reconcile those astrological challenges. Step-by-step instructions lead you through the process no matter what prior experience you have with shamanism, tarot, or astrology. You are invited to engage the Tarot Spirits to create the life you love!

Release date: Late June 2024

Critical Praise for Tarot Spirit Healing

A brilliant and engaging synthesis of shamanism, tarot, and astrology into a practical guide for calling upon the spirits for healing and the restoration of harmony. This book introduces the basic principles of astrology to identify the discordant energies indicated in your birth chart and entreat these kindly spirits to help you restore balance and harmony in your life. Step-by-step guided meditations and bonus sections on the history of tarot and astrology make this a must-have book.


Demetra George, author of

          Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice

Westerners have multiple mystery traditions to enrich spiritual growth and development: tarot, astrology, pathworkings, shamanism, and more. Tarot Spirit Healing masterfully demonstrates how tarot and astrology can partner up with shamanism to address many of life’s challenges. Reid Hart brings years of metaphysical study and practice, along with an engineer’s keen perspective, to provide engaging step-by-step programs that are safe and effective. No matter how difficult your life might seem, Tarot Spirit Healing will offer new approaches for happier and healthier living.


Tom Cowan, author of

          Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit

Reid Hart’s Tarot Spirit Healing guides the reader to a place where the Western Mystery practices of tarot and astrology dynamically intersect with humankind’s oldest spiritual methods. This intersection provides the opportunity to work with the powerful entities of the tarot and planetary influences not as dry archetypes, but rather as compassionate guides who can support healing, provide guidance, and support continued spiritual advancement on your life journey. 

Evelyn C. Rysdyk, author of Spirit Walking:

          A Course in  Shamanic Power & The Norse Shaman

About the Author

     Reid Hart is the author of Tarot Spirit Healing: A Shamanic Path to Clear Astrological Challenges. He is a popular teacher and leader in the shamanic community. He has helped hundreds of people in the U.S. and Australia heal, find gentle practical methods to reconnect to the spirit world, and move more deeply into a mystery connection with the universe.
     A healer and spiritual teacher for over 30 years, he has taught hundreds of people to work more deeply with shamanism, Otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries. His teaching focus is a fusion of Western Mystery traditions with core shamanic methods. He works with Celtic, Nordic, Druidic, and Faery traditions, as well as the runes, tarot, astrology, and Qabalah.
     He counts as his most important teachers: Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Claude Poncelet, the Q’ero of Peru, Sarangerel, R.J. Stewart, Orion Foxwood, Demetra George, Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, and, of course, his own wise and loving spirit allies. 
     He has also volunteered at White Bird crisis center and studied Hakomi Psychotherapy. He achieved a Certificate of Competency in Hellenistic Astrology from Demetra George in 2024 after a 3-year program of study.
     He co-founded Hearth of the Dancing Drum Healing and Drumming Circles in 1991 to foster shamanic healing in his local community and regularly teaches online through BirchGrove Hearth.

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