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Reid Hart,
Shamanic Practitioner and Workshop Leader


Shamanic Practice to Improve Your Life


Shamanism is an ancient practice that can be used for healing and spiritual development. You contact compassionate helping spirits and ancestors who assist you in moving your life forward or answering life questions. Shamanic methods can also be used to enhance creativity in the arts, your occupation, and community development.

Reid Hart

Your Workshop Leader & Shamanic Practioner

Reid is a co-founder of Hearth of the Dancing Drum—a community drumming and healing circle.  He has presented workshops on shamanism, otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries for more than 20 years.

Upcoming Events

Rune Power & Seith

February 8th-9th, 2020; Eugne OR

Visit the well of memory and encounter the spirit of the Runes in a sacred grove. Climb the high-seat and engage Seith (sei∂r  or truth telling). Harness the power of rune magic for divination and transformation.

The "Seith high seat" ceremony and potluck (5 pm Sat) will be open to the local community on a donation basis.

Ancestors, the Land

& the Faery Folk

in Australia

Learn the Shamanic Journey; Raise Earth Power; Find your Clan Totem; Touch the Spirits of the Land & Faery Folk through a Sacred Grove; Learn Nature Power Healing.

Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2020

in Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Contact Paras at tribeoneheartbeat@gmail.com   

Mar 7 to 8, 2020

in Canberra, NSW, AUS

Contact Rhonda D 0428 942 947 or rhondawhetham@gmail.com

If "Book" button does not work, contact Rhonda at email or phone above.


Merlin’s Temple and

the Sacred Grove

April 18-19 2020; Eugene OR

Work with Druidic and Celtic traditions to receive wisdom and growth.  Initiate into the Archmage’s Temple. Engage power and vitality through the Celtic cauldron tradition and shape shifting. Achieve personal transformation in the Druid’s Grove.


Learn shamanic methods yourself for healing and spiritual development.

Shamanic Training

Divination or  spiritual healing:

Power Retrieval; Soul Retrieval;

and Extraction.

Shamanic Healing


 Shamanic healing and drumming circles.

Cross-Quarter gatherings

& Special Events

Community Shamanism

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