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Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars

In this highly interactive, live, online 7-week course, I will guide you through the proven steps to engage the Tarot Spirits in a productive way. We will explore the challenges in your natal chart and how you can bring the wisdom of the Tarot Spirits to your aid in clearing tension and conflict in your life, opening the way to recreate a vibrant life you love . . .

         — through the interaction with helping Tarot Spirits.

7 week online course starts March 22, 2023

Where Tarot, Astrology & Shamanism meet

Watch the Master Class:
Meet the Tarot Spirits


Here are three core concepts I'll be covering in the masterclass:

  • Relaxing the Soul--Move beyond limitations

  • Engage the Tarot Spirits--Direct access to the power of Tarot

  • Seven Steps to Healing--Making this power part of your life

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