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The Faery and

Weavers of Fate

November 16-17, 2019 Eugene Oregon

10-5 Sat & 10-4 Sun

Explore the Otherworld

Who among us has not felt the winds of fate or pondered the mysteries of time? We may yearn for the traditions in the Celtic & Northern lands where the warp and weft of fate weaves the mystery of time and destiny. Our knowing goes back through time immemorial to a distant past when spirit beings walked freely on the earth, visible to all. Join us as we renew our relationship to the faery and explore our heart’s desire, meeting at the crossroads to explore our destiny.

One of the experiential Path of Shamanic Mystery workshops that traces a directly inspired spiritual path from 40,000 year old shamanic practice to modern Western Mysteries. Receive gateway Faery, Celtic, Nordic, and Druidic initiations to make practical life change.  Workshops may be taken in any order.

Reid Hart is a co-founder of Hearth of the Dancing Drum—a community drumming and healing circle. He has presented workshops on shamanism, otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries for more than 20 years. 

The Faery and Weavers of Fate focuses on earth spirits, the faery folk, and the mysteries of destiny and fate at the crossroads of our lives. In this experiential workshop you will:

  • Raise earth power for personal healing and empowerment.

  • Meet the Faery folk and receive their blessings.

  • Connect with spirit ancestors.

  • Journey to the Weaver deep in the otherworld for a powerful initiation. 

  • Step into the crossroads and work with Life, Luck, Love, and Destiny.

  • Engage in spirit healing of the heart.

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