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Calling your Destiny: the Lightning Path


A Shamanic Workshop

March 23-24, 2019 Eugene, OR

10-5 Saturday; 10-4 Sunday

Presented by: Reid Hart

Caught up in the daily struggles, is there a sense of drift?


Do you  long for clarity about your life direction?

Find your true path!

Shamanic initiation into Hermetic Truths  and the subtle levels of the Otherworld can enhance your spirit connection and help guide your earth walk.


Each of us has a destiny. You have gifts, yet you may wonder where your path leads. You can partner with Spirit to create a new clarity for your direction and purpose in life.

Spirit helpers can help you move from frustration to inspiration to real manifestation. The calling of destiny is a powerful Shamanic experience that can reshape your life path.

In this experiential workshop you will:

  • Use shamanic methods to clarify your direction and life purpose.

  • Be initiated into Hermetic Truths and subtle levels in the other world through ancient ways. 

  • Know the blocks between you and your destiny and call on spiritual help to overcome them.

  • Call from now into the future for a destiny aligned with your personal choice and vision and see the path forward.

  • Be at peace with your destiny.

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