Meet the Tarot Spirits

FREE Global Masterclass

February 22, 2021

Here are three core concepts I'll be covering in the masterclass:

  • Relaxing the Soul--Move beyond limitations

  • Engage the Tarot Spirits--Direct access to the power of Tarot

  • Seven Steps to Healing--Making this power part of your life

When you connect with the Tarot Spirits in a shamanic way you create a strong connection with helping spirits. This  opens the door to clear limitations in your life. 

 Also learn about the 7-week class: Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars

Celtic Cauldron Healing

Tree Magic with Tarot Spirits

FREE online Masterclass

September 21, 2020

Three core concepts in the masterclass:

  • Celtic Cauldrons—Connect  body to spirit

  • Tree of Life—Gateway to Spiritual Power

  • Tarot Spirit Magic—Empower your life/world

When you connect with Celtic Cauldrons and work with the Tarot Spirits in a shamanic way you join the spiritual power of the Tree of Life or Qabalah. This  enhances your life quality and purpose. 

 Also learn about the 7-week class: Tarot Spirits: Awaken Resilience &  Empower Your Life; Engage the Celtic Cauldrons & the Magic Tree of Life

Balancing Light & Dark

A Community Shamanic Practice--The Wild Hunt


The dark days will soon be on us and action is required.  Please join us to create balance.  We will journey for clearing and raising power, then engage the Wild Hunt. We balance darkness with light, engage the Faery Folk, guide the dead, or simply honor the time of year. There are different ways to participate depending on your shamanic experience.


Sunday, November 15, 2020, New Moon at 4:30 pm PT

Online at BirchGrove Hearth via Zoom from Eugene, OR 

Leader – Reid Hart 



online options

There are several opportunities to join others for the Wild Hunt this year.



Sat Oct 31, 2020

2:00 PM US  ET

with Evelyn Rysdyk & Allie Knowlton


Chicago Musical

Wild Hunt

Sat Nov 7, 2020

7:00 PM US CT

Email Joan for Zoom Link

Celtic Wild Hunt

Sun Nov 15, 2020

4:30 PM US PT

with Reid Hart

via Zoom from Eugene OR

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2021 Fairy Congress

For four days in July 2021, the Fairy and Human Relations Congress will meet near Salem, Oregon.

Reid will present two seminars:

  • Becoming Native in Your Place

  • Tarot Spirits & the Sidhe